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Innovative Solution to Increase Advertising Space

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Banner Lifting System

For installation up to 10 Meters (33 feet) high
Change banners in 5 minutes or less. Safely lower, update, and raise your advertising banners, even during business hours. No more ladders, aerial lifts, potential accident risk and cumbersome equipment

Improve communication, productivity and efficiency

Install displays where you never could before.



Ease of Use

The ultra-light telescopic pole with an integrated battery makes changing a banner a breeze: easy connection to the Drive-UP, and a single switch to control up and down movement.


At ground level—in less than five minutes — one person alone can change a banner without interrupting foot traffic. No aerial lift or ladder needed, no night work. With DRIVE-UP keep communication up-to-date and reduce time from hours to minutes. Return on investment for most users in less than one year.


DRIVE-UP’s ground level operation completely eliminates safety concerns. Banner changes are easy, quick, and can be handled by one employee alone. No need for aerial work, to cordon off work area, and for night installation.


DRIVE-UP removes the many constraints to ceiling hanging displays. DRIVE-UP provides the flexibility to quickly and easily update communication. Thanks to its lifting capacity of up to 9 Kg /20 lbs. (20 Kg/44 lbs. with SLM, the heavy duty system) 3D displays, POPs or banners can be installed in minutes.

How it works

A telescopic pole equipped with a rechargeable battery supplies power to the DRIVE-UP electric motors.
Just flip a switch to raise or lower banners.

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