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SLM for banners up to 20 Kg/44 Lbs.

1500 mm/5 ft. to 6000 mm/20 ft. wide load 20 Kg/44 LBS
Drive-Up game 9kg de charge

Telescopic pole up to 10 meters with 24 volts electric supply or optional remote control

For banners hanging from ceilings or attached to high walls

Fixed or telescopic system for 5-foot to 20-foot wide banners. Our unique electric banner lifting system can be installed at any height and operates without electrical wire connection. Operating the system is done at ground level with a telescopic pole connected to a rechargeable battery. The pole supplies the SLM 20kg/44lbs with a 24 volts electric current. Up and down speed can be adjusted, which may be very useful when installation requires rolling or unrolling a very large banner.

The SLM 20kg/44lbs has been designed with several safety features:

  • Automatic power interruption for weights below 1Kg or above 20Kg
  • Automatic power interruption when cable is fully unwound or has reached the floor
  • Each cable works independently and corrects the banner holder level to ensure that the banner is perfectly
    horizontal once fully raised. SLM 20 saves a lot of time as less than 5 minutes are complete a banner installation and is easy to operate. One employee alone can handle the installation safely without interrupting foot traffic.