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Earn responsiveness, productivity and efficiency.

With Drive-Up,change your posters or POS in 1 minute flat. Down, refresh and refit your advertising materials safely, even during business hours. 2.5 kg to 25 kg load and up to 10 meters high.


With drive up ,
more high traffic area inaccessible for display!

Change your posters or POS 2 minutes flat,
up to 10 meters high.
Down, refresh and refit your advertising materials safely ,
even during business hours.
Remember scale , forklift or nacelle, all their dangers and disadvantages.
Earn responsiveness , productivity and efficiency.


Drive-Up gives you the freedom to more easily facilitate faster your promotional spaces. With its capacity of 2.5 kg minimum, you can dramatize the environment with 3D or other POS


With Drive-Up, from the ground, more manipulations in height, for a change poster easy, accessible to all staff.
More nacelle, no night shift, no scale!


The telescopic pole battery, lightweight, allows easy connection to drive up.
One button to control the descent or ascent


A single person, soil, exchange Poster at all times of the day in less than a minute. (more nacelle more night shift, no scale promotions in real time)

Principle of Operation

Establish contact with the drive-up using the telescopic boom
made décscendre poster with switch

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drive-up contact aver la perch
drive-up principe de fonctionnement du contact
drive-up interrupteur de commande monter ou descendre prise de charge des accus
drive-up jusqu'à 25 kg de charge
drive-up jusqu'8 mètres de large
drive-up jusqu'à 10 mètres de hauteur
drive-up systèmes brevetés made in France